Sunday, September 26, 2010

Affaircare On The AIR!!

Tomorrow Affaircare has a special honor, as our ministry will be the special guest on Handmaiden Live! The show will air tomorrow, Monday Sept. 27th at 11am ET/8am PT on Handmaiden Live! Click to listen, or copy and paste the link below:

And if you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial (914)803-4651. You will be placed into the caller queue where you will still be able to hear the s how while you are on hold.

Courtnee, the host of Handmaiden Live, is a vibrant Christian woman whose show discusses the taboo truths of the modern Christian as we speak to God’s elected outcasts about the culture here in the USA, the struggles, and the desperate need for transparent, honest, emotional authenticity in our pews. So often Christians and the Church are the ones involved in porn or adultery, and no one will talk about it or even acknowledge it--and if you do, then often you are the one who ends up ostracized or worse! Handmaiden Live is specifically to bring those topics to the LIGHT and show people there is a way to recover.

During the show tomorrow, we will be discussing the transparent truths of keeping your marriage affair free and how you can find hope and rebuild if your marriage has experienced infid elity. As you all know, AffairCare is PRO marriage and dedicated to restoring committed relationships.

So tune in tomorrow and catch us live, or if you're not available at that moment, click on the link and Handmaiden Live will have an archive of the show. We would love to talk to you...LIVE!
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