Monday, November 29, 2010

Post your questions here!

We have a new service here at Affaircare--think of it as a benefit we offer freely for any of our loyal readers/friends/clients!  Post your questions here or on our Affaircare Facebook page or email us at either or and if you give us your email address, we'll send you a personal answer on Fridays!

So if you have any of these questions...let us know!

"How do we survive an affair?"
"How do I end the affair I'm in?"
"What can I do to end my spouse's affair?"
"How do you get over an emotional affair?"
"What are some signs of an affair?"
"He/She does this or that?  Could that be an affair?"
"How do I forgive him/her after having an affair?"
"Can pastors have affairs?"
"What is an emotional affair?  Is THIS an emotional affair?"
"Why do women/men cheat?"

So leave a comment with your email address and your question--and on Fridays we'll email you with your personal response.


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